Pastor’s Packet



If you would like to download and print the materials to assemble a pastor’s packet yourself, below is a letter to download and include in the pastors.  The letter will help them understand the urgency to inform the parents in their congregation about all that their children are being exposed to in the government run public education system.


Include this letter along with  any of the below curriculum briefs you feel are important to help your pastor understand what is being taught to the children.
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What Government Schools are Teaching

This brochure reveals  many of the issues of concern with government run education:

– Anti-Christian Bias which results in Revisionist History

– All subjects enmeshed with the “social justice” agenda of the United Nations teaching our children anti-American doctrine.

– How our children ARE NOT taught how to read properly using the proven reading method of “intensive phonics.”

– Not teaching the constitution

– Not teaching cursive writing so that our nation’s citizens won’t be able to even READ the constitution.

– Teaching Evolution as fact

– Celebrating pagan holidays while Christian holidays are banned

And more…


Download this brochure below.


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TEACHING PRO-ISLAM: All across the United States, the Common Core state standards has been implemented, and guess who is behind this push: None other than the Muslim Brotherhood’s number one front organization… The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).

This brochure will give a brief overview of how today’s Social Studies textbooks”omit essential data and provide indoctrinating narratives that devalue Israel, Judaism and Christianity in favor of Islam.”

Learn more about the anti-Christian / pro-Islam religious instruction in our government schools….

Teaching Pro-Islam
Download and print
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SEX EDUCATION: Promoted and administered by Planned Parenthood, this brochure explains just some of the federally mandated Sex Ed curriculum aligned to the Common Core state standards.

Sex Ed courses, which also include teaching of alternate sexual lifestyles, are already MANDATED in some states and parents are NOT ALLOWED to opt out.

Learn more about the sexualizing of our children….


Sex Ed Brochure
Download and print
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Debbie DeGroff has read thousands of books for “children” to uncover the the horrifying truth about what they are being exposed to at such young ages.

Porn_Common Core
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ANTI-CHRISTIAN ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS: Much of the Language Arts Curriculum seems to be slanted toward a humanistic/atheistic frame of mind.
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SCIENCE – BLATANT BIAS: A friend told me (September 2013) that he had recently substituted in a ninth grade biology class. The textbook had a section called “Pseudoscience.” Both Creation Science and
Adobe Acrobat document [134.9 KB]

FUZZY MATH: A popular cartoon shows student Johnny standing at the chalk-board where he has written out the equation, 2+2 = 5. …..
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