Evolution as Fact and Other Unverifiable Science

The information contained on this page is to help parents understand how the shift in the science standards and curriculum has resulted in many school districts teaching that evolution is a scientific fact and that the Christian worldview of creationism should be disregarded as having any respectful place in our society.



Common Core Science

(or Science Standards for Suckers)

Karl Priest September 22, 2013



A friend told me (September 2013) that he had recently substituted in a ninth grade biology class. The textbook had a section called “Pseudoscience.” Both Creation Science and Intelligent Design were listed there.

The book said: ‘Creation Science’ is not science because it does not follow scientific methods. The claim that a deity created the world cannot be tested. Thus, it is not a hypothesis.” BSCS Biology- A Molecular Approach, McGraw-Hill.

The atheist led National Center for Science Education (NCSE) provides plenty of court case documentation that there is no legal remedy to the propagandizing of public school pupils with the faith destroying concept of evolution. Now, the NCSE will censor any scientific evidence that disputes “climate change.” The NCSE, “which fights the teaching of creationism, announced that it’s going to take on climate change denial as well.  more….

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VIDEO: Lies in the science textbooks about evolution

See how evolutionists have permeated public school textbooks with false and fraudulent information simply to promote their religious world view. Learn what you can do to stop this mass indoctrination. Every public school student, teacher, and school board member needs to watch this video. (2 hours, 54 minutes)



The Next Generation of Science Standards

Find out if your state is participating in the adoption of these standards.

The Next Generation Science Standards require a singular perspective on the resolved science of evolution and climate change. By adoption, they no longer permit opposing worldviews like creationism or the wealth of scientific evidence that climate change is not the result of human intervention.