Chamber of Commerce



Multinational corporations and tax-exempt foundations, in cooperation with the U.S. government, your local schools and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are restructuring not only our educational system by preparing children for a one world government and alienating them from their parents in the process, but our free society as well. The Chamber hierarchy has been up to its eyeballs working for world government ever since the foundation of the United Nations, which is nothing more than a Communist front.


Read the entire article to understand the influence of the Chamber on your child’s education.  Below is an excerpt.

Chamber-Supported Legislation And Policies

The Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber coalition have supported much legislation which has not only been extremely costly, but which has served to transfer power, responsibility and resources from independent nations, local communities, local businesses, and private professions to the universal system coordinated by the Chamber of Commerce coalition. It has supported measures harmful to many of its own members. The following are some of the measures the Chamber of Commerce has supported to aid in the transfer of power from individuals and independent governments, groups, businesses and professions to the Chamber-advocated management system:

(1) Creation of the United Nations.

(2) Creation of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

(3) Regional government or “New Federalism.” (appointed councils, not elected representation)

(4) Medicare (Commercialization of medical professions.)

(5) Postal reorganization.

(6) Organized Crime Control Act.

(7) Contracting for school services with private industry. (Charter Schools)

(8) Voucher system for education.

(9) Management and human relations techniques for handling personnel in industry.

(10) Health care planning councils.

(11) Prepaid medical practice (HMOs).

(12) Federal land use planning.

(13) Federally-imposed career education. (School-to-work, career pathways)

(14) Equal Rights Amendment.

(15) Cross-town busing for desegregation.

These and many other measures have been, or will be, extremely costly. Yet, when the Chamber of Commerce calls for decreases in federal spending and speaks out about the costly federal bureaucracy, its sincerity is seldom questioned. Its goals and power are not well enough known and understood.

Chamber of Commerce pushes Common Core in TV ads, Politico reports:

BIG BUSINESS BOLSTERS COMMON CORE: A coalition including the Business Roundtable and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will launch a national advertising blitz Sunday targeted at Republicans skeptical about the standards. Spots promoting the Common Core will air on Fox News and other conservative outlets. The campaign — a major ad buy that could last months — aims to undercut dire tea party warnings that the standards amount to a federal power grab, akin to Obamacare. The TV spots and online ads will project a positive tone, featuring teachers praising the Common Core. POLITICO’s Stephanie Simon has more: (click on complete story!)