Alternatives to Government Education

The team of Operation Jericho Project has listed some models of rescue centers under the tab labeled “Rescuing Our Children.”  These rescue centers illustrate what people from all walks of life can provide for parents as an option to government run schools.

Churches should play a crucial role in the rescue of children from government schools by opening their doors to those who need a place to establish a rescue center.

Alternatives to a government run education

By now you may have come to the conclusion that our government run education system is broken.  Common Core standards have awakened many to the fact that the federal influences over what we teach our children is firmly enmeshed into every subject area.  Every year your children are in the system is a year that they are denied a good classical education and are exposed to ideologies that minimize your family values.  Removing your children is the only way to save them. The rewards of teaching your own children are countless and we encourage all parents to consider this option. The resources listed below will assist parents who have chosen to take the homeschool journey.

Note: Each and every source mentioned on this professional list is their own entity, and is not affiliated in any way with the other sources listed.

First: Parents, Don’t be Deceived by Government Charter Schools and Government Virtual Learning



FreedomProject Academy


FPA provides a fully accredited curriculum recognized for its authenticity and excellence, one that does not compromise our beliefs or high academic standards.

FPA is grounded in Judeo-Christian values as established in the Constitution by our Founding Fathers, who strove to guarantee the preservation of our God-given liberties. Our classes are delivered live online through interactive classrooms to students across the world.

FreedomProject Academy is one of the fastest growing private schools in the country and is at the forefront of the fight to educate families without ideological spin and government control.


The Exodus Mandate website offers a vast resource list for home school and Christian school curriculum. Traditional textbooks and teacher support materials written from a Christian worldview, complete curriculum for all grades.

Solutions to providing our children a true classical education:
In recent years some have begun proposing other alternatives for providing K-12 Christian education by blending the best features of both campus Christian schooling and Christian home schooling. If a local church cannot start a traditional campus Christian school due to limited resources, it might be able to provide the space for a University Model School.

The Homeschool Resource Roadmap


Tina Hollenbeck, The Homeschool Resource Roadmap’s creator, is a homeschooling mom who passionately advocates for the merits of home education. She launched the research project that birthed the Common Core Project database and later created The Homeschool Resource Roadmap to serve the homeschool community she loves. Through this initiative, she seeks to provide useful information and encouragement so that those called to educate and disciple their own children will feel confident that they are equipped for the task. In addition to homeschooling her own children and directing The Roadmap and its affiliated resources, Tina writes for a number of homeschool- and parenting-related venues. She has also co-authored Celebrating Children’s 12 Genius Qualities and was a featured speaker at the 2015 Great Homeschool Conventions in Texas and Ohio.


ARCHERS for the Lord®, aka The Association of Relaxed Christian Home Educators,

is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, founded on the ideas and ministry of Mary Hood, nationally known as “The Relaxed Home Schooler®”.

She believes that a “relaxed home school” develops out of the mindset that you are a family, not a school; a dad, not a principal; a mom, not a teacher; and that you have individual relationships with your children, not a classroom. This mindset helps you to stress out less over school-like expectations, and relax and enjoy your family.

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Interview with Mary Hood, September, 2009, by Carletta Sanders of “Successful Homeschooling.” Visit her at

Mary also blogs at



KONOS Academy is the culmination of the KONOS experience. Taught by school founders, Dr. Charles Thaxton and Carole Thaxton, M.S., along with other gifted faculty members, students thrive. High school students attend the one-day program on either Tuesday or Wednesday and receive instruction, interaction, and testing in both a large group and small group setting in the subject areas of history, English, and the year’s electives (see below). In class, they are given assignments for the rest of the week. Parents receive professional support, group activities, and an organized curriculum for the year. All classes are accredited.

Dr. and Mrs. Thaxton are very willing to help others create their own home-school co-op based on the KONOS model.