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On the FPA website you can find their book list that is free for anyone to view without having to enroll in FPA. These books can be ordered direct from Rainbow Resources. This list has been carefully selected, is free from Common Core and is based on Judeo-Christian values.


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Serving parents and children for over 29 years Specializing in: Phonics, Reading using phonics, Cursive Handwriting, Arithmetic, Spelling and Grammar.

We offer the basics for homeschool instruction and assistance to public school students from beginning instruction through approximately the 7th grade; through high school in math and grammar.

Free videos at this site including:

History of the alphabet, Why children can’t read, whole language, dyslexia, look-say, and functional illiteracy.

Difference between Look-Say and Phonics

The 24 Benefits of Homeschooling and more…


Phonics books and phonics games using direct, systematic phonics

Dorbooks, Inc. was founded in 1985, and is dedicated to the proposition that everyone can learn how to read, no matter what their age or problem.

Dolores HiskesDolores G. Hiskes, the author, illustrator, and creator of all Dorbooks products, has been involved with education most of her adult life, ever since teaching her own children how to read. She has tutored reading for over thirty years with 100% success, and collected classic old reading and spelling books from English-speaking countries all over the world. During this time she developed a unique teaching method that prevents or corrects reversals, which is similar in effect to exercises often prescribed by specialists to treat dyslexia. Finally, she organized and simplified all of this information into one comprehensive reading and spelling text–the award-winning and best-selling Phonics Pathways. Visit the new Phonics Talk Blog by Dolores Hiskes!



An Excellent K-12 Home School Curriculum Developed by a scientist and his six children

Teach your children to teach themselves and to acquire superior knowledge as did many of America’s most outstanding citizens in the days before socialism in education.


Muggins math board games and manipulatives are not only educational but make learning FUN! Built the old fashioned way with wooden boards and marbles, the games are great for family game night as well as for the classroom and after school programs. Learn more….



Home School Legal Assistance

The attorneys at NCLL’s Homeschool Center are not just committed to protecting your legal right to homeschool in America, but to help you in the event you encounter legal challenges to your own homeschool. As a member of the Homeschool Center, you have access to our professional, experienced, caring homeschool attorneys who

  • Can address any ongoing or current legal compliance questions or concerns
  • Are available in the event that you have a homeschooling legal emergency
  • Will litigate your case on a pro bono (no cost to you) basis if we determine that the issues involved will advance the liberty of homeschooling in America.