Participating States


We have listed the states where there are participating members of Operation Jericho Project.

If you are in one of these states and would like guidance and/or assistance in launching a homeschool project, please contact OJP through our website.  We will assist you in any way we can and connect you with the member in your state.

If you do not see your state listed and would like assistance to get started in homeschooling or set up a homeschool co-op with others, please contact OJP through our website and we will assist you find current, available, and vetted curricula that are not Common Core-aligned.  We will then indicate on our site that  your state has a participating member encouraging others in your home state to join and get involved in taking back our children from the failing government education system.

Rescuing our children from government indoctrination centers that we call ‘public school’  is going to depend on ‘we the people’.  Whether you are a parent, pastor or motivated to help, the responsibility is ours to alert pastors and parents to the dangers our children face in government schools.  Network with pastors, friends, and family in your state and other states to join our clarion call.  We must encourage all parents to take the leap of faith to homeschool. There are so many options available to us today and it is up to us to be creative and do what we can for our children.

While all churches cannot create their own onsite Christian school for various reasons, pastors can help by developing  a homeschool ‘How To’ program to assist parents in overcoming the fear that they are not qualified to homeschool their children. OJP can assist you in designing a program that will suit your needs.  Whatever the reason or excuse that must be overcome, if we join together, we can help parents take personal responsibility for the education of our children as God has called them to do.  God never told us to give our children over to the government that is now indoctrinating our children into a New World Order, sustainable workforce environment for the 21st century. God and family have been replaced by the government that seeks to control all and children are educated just to be workforce labor for corporations. That is what is coming whether you choose to believe it or not.  Doubt us? We challenge you to spend time reviewing all the vital information on OJP’s website to learn about the gravity of the situation. We have compiled a wealth of information that will certainly open your eyes to the truth.  We all need to realize that our children and our culture are being destroyed by our schools (indoctrination centers). Our children are the pawns of the government  as it moves forward in its efforts to change our culture and transform America into a socialist utopia.  We cannot let this happen because our children are suffering and their behavior shows this. What kind of future will we have when our Judeo-Christian value system  is destroyed within our children?  Pastors and parents will need help to wake up to the gravity of the situation in the schools.  OJP created this informative site to help educate all of the urgent need  to act.  Research the material on our site and contact us.   We stand ready to help!

Don’t see your state?  Join us and we’ll add it to the list below. We need people from all 50 states if we are going to be effective in rescuing our children and to  stand as one against the onslaught of the government when ESSA (aka: ESEA) is passed! Don’t know what ESSA is?  Check out our website for all the current information on the legislation and its ramifications.   The government wants your children The question is: What are you going to do about it?  They are suffering in the schools and WE must stand in the gap for these children of God.. We are accountable if we do nothing!