A Plea To Our Nation’s Pastors

Parents NEED the church community, not the government, to help rescue the children from the indoctrination of the government schools and bring them into an environment where they will receive a Christian-based education. Human secularism that is currently being taught in public schools and Common Core aligned curriculum are not intended to foster the Christian faith taught by parents. Watch  Common Core, Farce to Failure and review the important information on this website.


Below are articles written by concerned Pastors/Leaders

A Dying Church: The Desperate Need for Reformation in Education

“I believe that now is the time for responsible Southern Baptists to develop an exit strategy from the public schools. This strategy would affirm the basic and ultimate responsibility of Christian parents to take charge of the education of their own children. The strategy would also affirm the responsibility of churches to equip parents, support families, and offer alternatives.”–Dr. Al Mohler, President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Louisville, KY)

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Coach Dave Daubenmire decries the silence in the pulpits


By Coach Dave Daubenmire
March 6, 2008

Public schools are destroying the faith of Christian children and the pulpits are silent.

Legislation is introduced to remove the rights of parents and the pulpits are silent.

Children are taught they came from apes and the pulpits are silent.

Millions of children are “medicated” to control their behavior and the pulpits are silent. Read more…

Karl Priest, retired high school principal explains the urgency of removing our nation’s children from the government run education system.


By Karl Priest


After ten years of fighting—and failing–to get Public Schools to accept scientific facts about evolutionism, I proved that Public Schools are hopeless. I am not ashamed of the battles I fought from inside the Public School system, but I am ashamed that I left my children in the Public Schools. I have asked God’s forgiveness, but my children have suffered for my sin. I cannot change the past, but I can strive to follow God’s guidance for the rest of my life. The Bible says that we need to number our days because our days are soon cut off [Ps. 90:10, 12] and when my days are ended, I want to hear my precious Savior say, “Well done thou good and faithful servant. [Mt. 25:21]

The team of Operation Jericho Project has assembled a list of home school and Christian school resources for parents to consider as an option to the government run schools.

Operation Jericho Project Founder Christina Michas makes a plea to our nation’s Pastors.



We MUST work to restore God to HIS rightful place in our churches, our homes, our lives, and our children.  Operation Jericho Project urges pastors to encourage their congregations to get their children OUT of the government school system that is not religion neutral as we have been led to believe, but provides an education that is pagan, humanistic, and anti-Christian. We pray you will review our materials, spiritually consider this information,  and realize that God is calling ALL of us into service at this critical time in our nation.  Christians, and especially pastors, must be the voice calling our leaders and families to put off the things of this world and return our nation to its true Judeo/Christian foundation.  Our nation is perishing because we, who are called by His name, have abandoned our calling and have allowed God to be removed from our children’s education and our society. This process began in the 1830s through the 1840s and continues through today.  Our voices have been silent for too long!

In Esther 4:14, God states: “For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place and you and your father’s house will perish.  And who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this?”  WE can no longer be ‘silent’ as God is literally telling us our house will perish if we do not speak out as He is calling us to do.  We are in the last days and we will all be accountable to God if we do not heed HIS words, renounce the things of the world, and stand for all that is righteous and holy in HIS sight.The Lord also tells us in

Joshua 1:7-9: “Only be strong and very courageous; be careful to do according to all the law which Moses My servant commanded you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, so that you may have success wherever you go.” (8)  “This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it:  for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have success.” (9)  “Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous!  Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord Your God is with you wherever you go.”

Just as it was in ancient Israel, it is again time to stand and be courageous as we face a spiritual darkness covering America. It is up to us as Christians, and especially our pastors, to lead the people OUT of darkness.  We cannot sit by and passively wait for our nation’s politicians and worldly leaders to solve what is truly wrong in America.

We have fallen short of our calling, grown apathetic in our service to HIM, and are guilty of compromising with the world.  Sadly, even many of our pastors have abdicated their duty to God and have allowed themselves to be intimidated into silence.  This can no longer be the way of God’s people.  We must “occupy until His return”  that means we must courageously Stand in the Gap against darkness and evil wherever, whenever, and however it manifests itself in our world today.

We have been born for such a time as this!  The Lord has laid it upon our hearts to Stand in the Gap for our Children.  And so we ask that you stand with us.  It is time to save our children from the paganism of the government school system.  We are calling on pastors and leaders to step up and join with the grassroots members of Operation Jericho Project to bring about an awakening in our churches and congregations.  We are calling for all pastors to prayerfully consider the moral decline in our times and to join Operation Jericho Project’s mission to protect our children by encouraging parents in their congregations to seek alternative educational means.

Below is a list of important information that we pray you will review so that you will better understand why Operation Jericho Project is so important for this time.  It is vital to remove our children from this ungodly system.

1. A brochure on Sexuality Standards mandated for children:  Included are samples of graphic sexual drawings from a book that is being used in schools for ten year olds called It’s Perfectly Normal, by Robie Harris, which is anything but normal!  We regret having to enclose such graphic and disturbing details but we think it is absolutely necessary to bring an awareness of this shocking abomination.  This book is endorsed by Planned Parenthood and the American Library Association.  The sexualization of our children will only intensify through  ObamaCare which provides funding to Planned Parenthood to promote and administer the sex education curriculum through Common Core. Our government has mandated teaching children there is “no right or wrong” in sexual activity, including homosexuality, which is an abomination to God.

2. A brochure on the Islamization of our children:  This is truly disturbing and is happening at an alarming rate in schools across America with the pro-Islam indoctrination incorporated throughout the social studies and history curriculum while Christian values are not allowed to be part of government indoctrination.

3. A brochure on the federal government’s control of education: Government education, which is another name for indoctrination, has changed the moral fabric of our society.  In 2009, through Race To The Top, the federal government used the “carrot on the stick” approach to coerce forty-six of our state legislatures into accepting their educational mandates for our children. These are just a few examples of the agenda hidden within the mandatory government curriculum our children are being bombarded with on a daily basis.  For decades the curriculum in public education has been designed to eliminate God and promote secular humanism, evolution, globalization, radical environmentalism (Pantheism), population control, and all things un-Godly and pagan.

Please visit our website at www.operationjerichoproject.com.  Click on “Pastor’s Packet” tab to find several brief papers outlining more examples of mandated curriculum and show the anti-Christian bias in education today.  Here you will find so much more information about what our children are exposed to in the government school system.  Included on our site are many current news articles, books, videos, and information about legislation.

Nationwide Agenda:  Pastors and parents, please don’t think this cannot be happening at “my local school!”  Many researchers and activists have been working for years to expose how the mandatory curriculum standards were brought into every state in the nation.  Recently, our U.S. Senate and the House passed these Federal Bills, respectively, (S 1177) and (HR 5) which is the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) that will completely nationalize education.  States who accept any federal dollars tied to this bill will lose all local control due to the mandates requiring the teaching of the Common Core “state” standards, teacher evaluations, and student assessments—all determined by the federal government.  This bill also includes an amendment added by Sen. Al Franken to tie funding to mandatory homosexual education lectures/classes.  If schools do not adhere to this, they lose their federal funding.

Is this what God had in mind for the children?  This, like many education mandates, flew under the radar of most citizens.  Our churches have been silent—mostly because they’ve been unaware.  We at Operation Jericho Project think it is time to shed light on the truth by reaching out to our pastors and asking them to speak out against this abomination to God.  Silence and acceptance is NOT an option.  The church cannot accept the world’s version of “normal,” which is what silence indicates!  We must be about protecting the little ones and endorsing God’s  “normal”—or the millstone is deserved for our necks as well.Because of decades of silence, in the face of this onslaught, most children turn their backs on their faith by the time they graduate from government schools with less than 20% ever returning to the faith.  And we wonder why our “self-governing society” is in the fallen moral state it is in.

At a future date, we would like to bring everyone together from across the nation to a special conference to continue the education, to equip you further, and to help Christians realize “no one is alone” and we need not fear.  We will stand as ONE with God as our Leader and together we can and will prevail in creating exciting new alternatives for parents so they can make that CHOICE to remove their children from the public school system.  It is time to take back parental rights and no longer leave our children to the evils devised by our ungodly government.

Pastors:  You can change the lives of the children in your community.

Our first recommendation would be to watch Common Core, Farce to Failure and review the vast information provided on our Operation Jericho Project website.  After reviewing the information, prayerfully consider with the heart and mind of God, to be “courageous” as the Lord commands, and stand in the gap with us at Operation Jericho Project.

From the pulpit, encourage parents to remove their children from the government schools and choose home schooling, or create a private Christian school at your church for which no federal funding from grants, scholarships, etc. are accepted. Acceptance of these federal funds would mandate compliance with standards dictated by the federal government. At the least, we encourage you to open the church doors to your church Monday – Friday to make a safe and loving environment available for parents to establish home school co-ops for their children. Encourage volunteers from your congregation to oversee childcare or teaching. Many Christian educators have left the government schools and would welcome the opportunity to teach in a private Christian school or home school co-op. Many parents are able to pay for these services as well.

Our goal is to have many pastors and leaders join the Operation Jericho Project so we can work together to create new alternatives for educating our children away from government control. Our website provides resources to help you get started.

We pray that YOU will be one of the courageous ones to make the decision to Trust the Lord and Stand in Faith to be Separate from the World.  Let’s all join together to do God’s WILL in HIS calling to wake up the body of believers to the calling of God, return to HIM and truly be about HIS business.  WE will be accountable to GOD for what we do or don’t do, as HIS return is imminent.  Will you be able to stand before the Lord and will he say to you, “Well done my good and faithful servant?”  We look forward to hearing back from you.

Respectfully submitted in HIS name and to HIS glory,

Operation Jericho Project