About Us

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We have been born for such a time as this! The Lord has laid it upon our hearts to Stand in the Gap for our Children. We ask that you Stand and JOIN Operation Jericho Project to help us in this mission. . It is time to RESCUE OUR CHILDREN from the paganism and the blatant anti-Christian bias of the government school system by removing all children from these unGodly schools.

This is a Clarion Call to Pastors, Leaders and Parents to step up and JOIN with the grassroots members of Operation Jericho Project to bring about an awakening of parents, churches, congregations and communities to the dangers that our children face today through so called ‘education’.

We are calling for all to prayerfully consider where we are at this time and JOIN Operation Jericho Project’s mission to protect our children by encouraging parents to seek alternative educational means.

Operation Jericho Project is the Solution so join us as we Stand in the Gap for our nation’s children and Rescue them from the government indoctrination system we call “public education.”

Operation Jericho Project offers many tools to assist in establishing education alternatives that are Classical Christian based curriculums. NO Government Funding and NO COMMON CORE!

Parents, do you really know what your children are learning when you send them off to school in that “yellow school bus?” Join Operation Jericho Project and help us expose the truth and provide the necessary solutions to parents that will facilitate them removing their children from Government schools.

Pastors, we encourage you to return to God’s calling and step up to join and assist Operation Jericho Project in providing educational alternatives to parents in your congregations and communities.

Find out HOW the church can help accomplish this Biblical Mandate. Become a SUPPORTER or an OPERATION JERICHO PROJECT RESCUE MISSION! Put those church buildings to use and fling open those doors to the children so they may find sanctuary from government indoctrination! That’s God’s calling and the calling of Operation Jericho Project.

JOIN OPERATION JERICHO PROJECT as we STAND IN THE GAP to RESCUE GOD’S CHILDREN.. We are blowing the Horns of Truth to bring down the Walls of Government Education!

If you are a member of a church and would like to encourage your pastor to join the mission of Operation Jericho, or you feel led to reach out to other pastors in your community, you will find the resources you need here.

If you or your pastor are interested in more information about this project please contact us here.

Parents, teachers and concerned citizens uniting for a one mission coalition, to ensure our children have access to a fair, balanced and classical education.

We are here to help parents, teachers, administrators, churches and our fellow citizens to become educated as to the reform movement that is currently affecting our children all over the country. We aim to ensure parents that there are alternatives to a nationalized education system.