Nosey Surveys

There is a mix of emotions as this small community experiences what it feels to undergo rape and pillage from the technocrat vandals of the data-mining pipeline.

Elementary school students in Leo’s K-6 schools took varying versions of a PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support) Student Survey, without prior parental knowledge or consent.

Check your state’s Dept. of Education for information on PBIS. Here is a link to prove Georgia’s participation in this federal program to collect data on our children.


Pre-CURRICULUM STUDENT SURVEY School Mental Health Survey

This survey is designed to assess the knowledge regarding school mental health and the Mental Health & High School Curriculum Guide.


Federal Health and Human Services Office of Adolescent Health

This site provides information by state of the personal mental health information collected on our children.

Check your state’s DOE for the “Student Health Survey” results. Here is a link to the results by school collected in Georgia. In violation of an individual’s Fifth Amendment rights…. Questions include: alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and use of other illegal substances;  suicide consideration and attempts; does the student feel safe at home; gang membership; skipping school; bullying (receiving and giving); and bringing weapons to school.


Naturally, telling a group of kids between the ages of ten and eleven to not tell their parents about an assignment is probably the surest way for them to tell their parents. In fact, it is typically a way to ensure a student sneaks a copy home.

The reason why this is so concerning is that Tupelo prides itself on data driven instruction. Now, data is nice if it helps you figure out if a student needs extra help in a particular area. However, what if that effort is aimed at monitoring the political views of a student? What if there is a shift in student opinion to say, the wrong opinion on gun control or say the wrong opinion on right to life issues? Is the school collecting data toward that end to monitor the political beliefs of these young children? As you check out the school district’s video on data driven instruction, ponder for a moment where does monitoring education end and monitoring indoctrination begin?

Parents Outraged Over This Highly Intrusive School Survey – Which Was Deleted Shortly After TheBlaze Started Asking Questions

What’s your religion? Your sexual orientation? Your parents’ political affiliation? Should “assault rifles” be banned? Who’s to blame for the government shutdown?

Do these sound like questions that high school sophomores should have to answer?


Download this free pdf file to learn how our schools are ignoring federal legislation which prohibits surveying our children on private and confidential personal and family information.
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