OJP Rescue Centers

Operation Jericho Project Rescue Centers

We at Operation Jericho Project especially want to recognize and publicize those pastors, churches, and parents that are fulfilling OJP’s mission to rescue children from government schools in one capacity or another.  Please let us know what you, your pastor and/or church are doing to help parents to educate their children so we can encourage others to follow your example.  We want to help those looking for alternatives for their children to be able to locate rescue centers in their area.

Operation Jericho Project Rescue Centers are free from government funding and Common Core. Pastors, parents, and churches can serve rescue centers in various ways. Examples of things a pastor, church, or parent can do to serve as a rescue center that is free of government funding and Common Core include but are not be limited to:  preach and teach the need to exit government schools; help parents by educating them on the “how to’s” of homeschooling with acceptable curriculum and programs (OJP offers many options in this area) so they are equipped and prepared to remove their children from public school and are confident to homeschool;  start and/or operate a school in the church or offer a space in your church where parents can meet to home school, especially working parents; find someone who has a building that would offer space for a nominal fee and join with other parents to form a homeschool co-op… utilize volunteers from friends, family, and congregations;  help parents form a co-op in their home.  Help other pastors, churches, and parents start a school or homeschool co-op.   There are many things that members of a church can do to help families avoid government schools. We encourage pastors and parents to lead  in these efforts to make home education a possibility for all children.

If your church is already fulfilling the mission of Operation Jericho Project, please contact us through our website.